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Reasons for Vaping

Vaping does NOT have that distinctive Odour.
Vaping is MUCH cheaper than traditional cigarettes
Vaping is MUCH safer Than Smoking
  • Control Your Nicotine Intake
  • Flexibility and Fun with Flavors
  • Reduce the risk of respiratory infection
  • Calming and reducing irritation of the throat

Benefits of vaping instead of smoking

Know precisely why vaping scores points over smoking.

Types of vaporizers


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Benefits of Vaping over smoking

Vaping is in vogue and getting a lot of popularity over smoking. But what exactly is vaping? Vaping is just like smoking, but with technology infused into it. The ones who vape, use the vaporizer which is also known as an e-cigarette to inhale and exhale the vapor that’s generated from it. So how does an e-cigarette work? The material inside the vaporizer is heated on a coil to the extent that it vaporizes but doesn’t burn. This vapor is then inhaled and exhaled similarly to smoking. There has been a surge in the number of people taking up vaping over smoking, considering how beneficial vaping is over smoking. Let’s have a look at what makes vaping safer than smoking:

Low on toxin level:
A cigarette contains around 24 harmful toxins. Smoking these toxins together will make you more susceptible to cancer. However, this is not the case with vaping. An e-cigarette consists only of water, glycerol and glycerine, with glycerine and glycerol dominating the composition. To this, various flavours are added, which are not as toxic as smoking.

Saves money:
Investing in an e-cigarette will help you save a lot on the constant expenditure you incur on the purchase of cigarettes. Plus, the cost of cigarettes is increasing by the day, so opting for an e-cigarette is the best option.

Other health benefits:
Smoking ruins your complexion, and you will find yourself ageing faster. Also, smoking leads to stained hands and stained teeth too. Constant smoking also leads to your hair smelling like a smoked up chimney. On an overall basis, vaping is a lot better, and the overall effects that smoking has are minimised and slowed down by vaping.

Less addictive:



Considering the level of addictive substances in traditional cigarettes, vaping is much better off. The content of toxic and addictive substances in vaping is a lot lesser, and chances of you getting addicted are low.

Variety of flavours:
You can vape in a variety of flavors, unlike traditional smoking which has the same taste. Vaping gives you a chance to get experimental.

No residue:
When vaping, you need not bother about ashtrays and bad odour. Also, vaping is not harmful to passive smokers too. You can freely vape, as it is odourless and often has a pleasant aroma.

On a concluding note, I would like to add a word of caution – whether it’s smoking or vaping, after all, you’re taking in substances which are toxic, and your body doesn’t require. And doing something just because it looks, feels or makes a new impression doesn’t make any sense. Before taking any such step, you need to consider the ill-effects. Treating your body like a temple will probably help you have a better judgement over what’s right for it and what isn’t.

What they're saying

Virginia Snyder

With all the hype around smoking, switching over to vaping was the best I could do. And I don't regret.

Harold Harrison

Vaping is a lot more better and safer than smoking, and it has helped me get over my chain-smoking. I would surely recommend vaping to all those struggling to quit smoking.